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EvilDragon wrote:

There's way too many overtones for that to be even remotely useful.

Therefore, it was thought that it would be better to do this with the help of one slider "state". From "perfectly smooth" to "not very perfectly smooth"


Re: New features you want to Pianoteq (not instruments)

Jake Johnson wrote:
honjr wrote:
scherbakov.al wrote:

I do not know if that would make sense. But I have the following idea that I would like in the next version of Pianoteq. I would like that the slider "condition" did not change the pitch of the notes, but changed the parameters "width of unison" and "balance of unison" individually in each overtone. For example: I increase the "condition" and in the note becomes the first overtone with the value of the width of the unison 1.2 and the unison balance for example 0.1. The second overtone is width unison 1.13 and the balance unison is 0.07. The third is the width of the unison 1.25 and the unison balance is 0.15..etc. And so differently in each note. I wonder what effect this can bring to the sound and timbre? And it's great, then, to make the "condition" applicable separately to each note in the "Pro" version.

Similar request - pro already allows adjusting the relative volumes of overtones per note. Why not also allow individual tuning of the fundamental and of each overtone of each note?

In the pro version (not sure about other versions), we can already adjust the tuning of each note. Open the drop box from the upper left corner of any Note Edit pane, and choose Detune, the first item in the list. The pitch of each overtone cannot be directly controlled, but changing the length of the strings will change the pitch of all of the overtones.

Thanks Jake - a useful tool. I think being able to remove/reduce/augment inharmonicity (and other nonlinearities peculiar to pianos) on a per-overtone level would be very useful. The same per-overtone level of control on relative overtone volume has been very useful to me.


Re: New features you want to Pianoteq (not instruments)

1. A loop function on the midi player allowing to select a passage and repeat.
2. Ability to run reverb as an effect, prior to the main reverb - thus, the option of chaining more than one reverb.
3. As mentioned above, more sophisticated EQ.


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scherbakov.al wrote:

There can be an individual "detuning" and "unison balance" for each overtone. In small limits.

When you detune any overtone, hypothetically, have you still the overtone?


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In addition to my 1-3 above:-

4. A compare button similar to what the Applied Acoustic Systems (AAS) instruments such as Strum GS-2 and Ultra-Analogue utilise. It's great; after tinkering editing and losing all conception of what the initial patch sounded like, you click "compare" and it lets you hear the patch again in its unedited form. I know there is the A and B presets and in Pianoteq, which allows comparison, but, I'm quite lazy and don't want the hassle of loading two instances of the same patch.


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What about a soundfont converter... smile


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I want one simple thing for a couple of years. I use pianoteq for everyday training and prefer to control time of trainings (day, week, month, year). Using clocks and external timers, you often forget to switch and pause them, when you have some mini-rests. Pianoteq already calculates time, you spent with him (through midi history), so you may calculate by simple additioning this numbers. It would be so nice, if pianoteq can calculate this time automaticaly.

1. The most easy realization is a simple line in midi-hystory section, that says how many time you played this day.
2. "Clever timer". A little switchable timer in user-interface. If you don't need it, it is hidden and doesn't work. If you need it, you switch a button, and timer appears. Timer calculates time when (and only) you play pianoteq +/- 5-6 seconds. In timer settings you may apply to work from manual "on" to "off" or to reseting to zero one time a day (somewhere near 5-6 a.m., or by user's setting).
a. It would be also nice to have timer working in 2 regimes (like stopwatch (from 0 to xx) and like back timer (from xx to 0)). Or having some alarm when you reach your planned figure.
b. It would be absolutely awesome to have some statistics section, which remembers figures and shows you your results for some periods. And of course it should be off as standard.

I saw on pianoworld, that other people also trying to find some automation solution, so, I guess I am not the one, who would be enjoyed by this little feature.

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Interesting, but all that together would take time/money.  Maybe  they could create a pack of tools to sell .

About a tool to create modeled instruments from áudio samples...  I don't  think humanity is ready for it. I don't like to imagine someone creating a "fart orchestra".

Andreas71 wrote:

What new features you would like to see in the future in PTQ? (Anything what you wish to see if it's currently possible or not)

To me its next things:

- Ability to host VST/AU plugins inside Pianoteq
- Better EQ (more bands and zooming option/bigger display for EQ)
- Low/notch/high cut filter with velocity control (with resonance control)
- Different amp types/models + cabinet modeling.(Not essential if VST/AU hosting comes true)
- Ability to specify space for instruments (room size + wall materials etc)

- Ability to combine/layer instrumets
- Ability to split instruments (with velocity fade option)
- Ability to create instrument models from audio samples (In my dreams:))
- Song creation tool ala Toontrack Ezkeys
- Real time chord detection

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A option to enlarge even more the EQ and vel curve window is welcome too.  I would go further, asking a option  to create "curves" between achor points, making smooth transition lines between the points, instead of sharp "saw" straight lines . PHOTOSHOP's DYNAMIC GAMMA CURVES GRAPHIC it's like that :

https://www.google.com.br/search?q=phot … o1T5fFPOM:

   Also two brands of anchor points, one like a small square and other like a small circle.   Between two tiny squares a straight line would be formed, and between two tiny circles we get a rounded (arc) line, and between a square and a circle, a intermediary thing.

    Impulse reverb to simulate the acoustic of singing in the shower.  Well... why not?   I supose nobody here have a bathroom large to place a grand piano.


DonSmith wrote:

I'd like the ability to add more anchor points to the 'EQU3' Filter Parameters. Also, make them different colours so that you can easily identify them when you swap them around. smile

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feature: The ability to detach and resize the keyboard.