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Hi Moddart Team and Users!

i've tried the new PTQ6 trial version installing VST3 and working on Cubase 8.5. I've recognized you've brought a new tuning engine with new prestes like just intonation which i like.
As I tried PTQ6 with hermode tuning in Cubase, I couldn't hear any effects. As said in the instruction-manual of cubase, it should work with VST3 Instruments. Could it be that it doesn't work in the trail version?

Please let me know about this before i melt down in an error-cycle of trying.... All the VST3 instruments of Cubase do work-in case of asking this

thank you very much



Re: Hermode tuning VST3 PTQ6

It might not be implemented in Pianoteq's VST3 version.

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Re: Hermode tuning VST3 PTQ6

Yes, the VST3 wrapper we are using does not implement that, so no need to melt down trying to get it work !


Re: Hermode tuning VST3 PTQ6

Might as well add plugin outputs that are missing in the VST3 compared to VST2 version wink There's no way to fully utilize the Sound Recording page in VST3 plugin because it only instantiates 2 outputs instead of 5.

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Re: Hermode tuning VST3 PTQ6

Thank you both for the fast answers!

Would it be a big deal to implement it?


Re: Hermode tuning VST3 PTQ6

It does seem non-trivial, since Modartt is using a VST3 wrapper (probably the one within JUCE), so if that functionality is not there, they either need to code it in from scratch, or ask ROLI to add it to JUCE in an update (which will take time).

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