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Hi Community,
I have a problem. Since upgrade to Pianoteq 6, I cannot use the menues for presets/ velocity/ output. When I click on the menues it just unfolds but disappears in a blink. I can use the arrows back and forth but cannot chose from the menue tree this way.
It is not the case with Pianoteq 5 which is still installed parallel.

System / Windows 7 64 / Ableton Live 9.5.

Has anyone the same problem?


Re: Pianoteq 6 Preset Menu disappears

Hello DD,

Sorry for reading about the condition you experience with respect to presets, etc, especially when you can still use them for version 5.  My version of Ptq 6 seems to work just fine, although it is on a Mac platform.

Question:  Does the problem you experience .... only occur when you use Pianoteq as a standalone?  Does it happen when you are using it in a plug-in within a sequencer/DAW?

I don't know if this would help, but have you tried uninstalling Pianoteq 6 and re-installing it with a fresh download from the Pianoteq website?  (I have no proof this will make anything better for you; rather, it's just a suggestion that might help you.)




Re: Pianoteq 6 Preset Menu disappears

Hi Joe,
to your questions:

- no - I just use the plugin, not the standalone version.
- this was the first installation. Plugin is working sonically. Just the flickering menue makes the problem not be able to chose from the presets (and the other instruments I bought).

I will do an installation with standalone and check if this is still a problem.


Re: Pianoteq 6 Preset Menu disappears

OK, new installation.
Standalone version Stage 6 is working fine, plugin still the same problem.


Re: Pianoteq 6 Preset Menu disappears

Interesting that the Standalone version is working fine, but the plug-in version is not working for you.

You may wish to contact Julien at Modart/Pianoteq.  They are always very willing to help people solve their problems with Pianoteq.

Sorry I couldn't personally be of more help.



Just to be sure, I went into Pianoteq 6 standalone, and then went into PTQ6 as an audio units plugin for MOTU Digital Performer 9.5 and Apple Logic Pro X to verify that all of the menus were working.  I CAN confirm that all of the PTQ6 menus DO WORK CORRECTLY in Standalone and as a DAW/Sequencer plugin for two different sequencing programs.  These are all running in Mac OSX Version 10.13, aka High Sierra, and they all run without a hitch.  Apparently, your mileage is varying.

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Re: Pianoteq 6 Preset Menu disappears

Dear Joe,
ok thanks, I assumed it's a very specific problem.
How to contact that gent from Modartt btw?


Re: Pianoteq 6 Preset Menu disappears

Hello Dirk,

The way to find Julien or any other qualified Pianoteq personnel, simply go to the www.pianoteq.com website, and click on the Support tab.  Under the Support tab, you will see a listing for "Support Home".  Under THAT window, you will see a listing that says "Contact Us."  There you will be able to ask your question, and someone from Modartt will get back to you.



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Re: Pianoteq 6 Preset Menu disappears

Try in another DAW to see if the plugin is working there ? I don`t have any problem in Reaper and Studio one. (windows 7 64b)

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