Topic: Upgrade to 6

Does the upgrade to 6 include the Steinway model D and model B?


Re: Upgrade to 6

The Steinway D replaces the D4, so yes it is included.

The Steinway B is an add on. It will be upgraded if you have it already.


Re: Upgrade to 6

As I understand it the Pianoteq application comes with the models already installed - i.e. embedded in the application.  When you activate a model it is released from demo mode and works without any other downloads.

This means that when you upgrade you get all the models upgraded that were changed in one go.  Any you have activation codes for will work straight away.

I had the D4 under Pianoteq 5 and that became the Steinway D under Pianoteq 6 with no other changes.  All the extra models I purchased became active immediately with no additional work required - just activate version 6 and you should be good to go.

All my FXPs were also available immediately (although they're strictly speaking designed for Pianoteq 5 rather than 6 - Pianoteq 6 specific FXPs have started to appear, but the updated models seem to be making everyone happier with the presets so I think we may see fewer FXPs).

Note also that your existing version will also continue to be available as a separate application ( you can run either Pianoteq 5 and 6 after the upgrade any time you want ).

The only thing I had to "reinstall" was the PTQ files for the free KiViR and Clarion Bells collections which are available on the website.

As an experienced IT user and programmer I have to say that if every software maker modeled their upgrade policy on Modartt it would be ideal.