Topic: Boomy live low end?

I recently picked up Pianoteq Stage (with the Steinway B add-on) so this is the basic version.  I've got some bass patterns that I'd like to have a sort of muted boomy live feel (with some reverb), to mimic a more live imperfect sound rather than a perfect studio sound. 

The closest I've found is the Steinway B Gentle with the soft pedal down.  It has a more muted sound, but still doesn't have the low end that I'm after.  Any ideas on other instruments, or ways to get that sound using the Equalizer or Effects?  I have the the Stage version so has limited parameters.


Re: Boomy live low end?

Try the Steinway D Bass & Piano Split preset. It’s a good example of how one can modify the sound for a specific range of notes, using Pianoteq 6 Pro’s Note Edit feature. Modartt did some very interesting things in this preset to the bass range of the keyboard and instrument to get a nice acoustic bass type sound, including some fairly dramatic adjustments to the spectrum profile, and quite a few adjustments of other parameters as well.

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Re: Boomy live low end?

I am not quite sure what is meant by a "boomy live low end".  Usually the term 'boomy' is used in conjunction with electronic reproduction (such as boomy bass in one's stereo system, or in a boombox), but not in an acoustic piano played in an acoustic space (unless the acoustic space had some horrible sound characteristics in itself).

So when it comes to attempting to mimic a "muted boomy live feel (with some reverb)", it sounds to me as though you are trying to imitate a recording of a piano rather than a piano itself.

Is this really what you mean, or am I misunderstanding something here?



Re: Boomy live low end?

Thanks Joe, I think you're right.  Maybe what I'm after is an imperfect recording that has a live feel, so will mess around with the EQ in Pianoteq Stage a bit.


Re: Boomy live low end?

Did you try turning off the sustain pedal noise and key release noise? (under the Action tab)