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I'm new to Pianoteq so maybe I'm making a mistake somewhere, need a little help !

I'm working in Cubase on a piece which uses sostenuto pedal depressed from beginning to end.
The selected notes are roughly 1&half octave from the lower notes of the piano, so except a few moments with regular sustain pedal
only the lower notes are sustained.

While composing I have a lot of isoled midi clips in my session that I cut, paste, playback over and over, etc.
So in order to get what I need, I just added in the beginning a little clip on one of my two tracks (right & left hand)
that depresses every low keys softly, action the sost pedal (CC64, with envelope overlapping the end of that clip to keep it running "forever"),
then release the keys midway.

Immediately after that dummy clip I can check in Pianoteq that only these notes are sustained, as I wanted.

But when I started playing a lot of notes (all over the keyboard) with already written clips, I got very strange results.
I stopped playback, then realized a few isolated notes in the middle register where also sustained for some reason.
I checked but none of those clip include any point in the CC64, and there's no sustain pedal either.
At first I also imagined some sympathetic resonance happened, but it continues forever as soon as those clips are played sad

Do you have any idea of how I could fix this? Or maybe a suggestion for a different strategy?

Thanks in advance !

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Re: Sostenuto pedal problem

Not sure if I understand correctly, but unless you changed it, the CC for sostenuto (pedal 3 in pianoteq) is 66 not 64, which is the normal sustain.


Re: Sostenuto pedal problem

Hi Gilles

My mistake, I meant 66 you're right, this is indeed the one I used !

I understand this is a pretty specific case, not so easy to explain...

Maybe I found the reason, there are two possibilities :
-i added a continuity for the 66 pedal on each of my right hand clips (same tracks as my dummy clip) just in case
-I removed a lot of notes that were play at the same time on both hands (little mistakes during editing), maybe they produced note-offs messages
that toggled them to sostenuto mode?

Can you reproduce this by any chance?


Re: Sostenuto pedal problem

There is a specific check box labeled 'Ignore the sustain pedal' for the sostenuto pedal. It's mentioned in the manual (page 43). Maybe try that. Maybe also try to keep the notes you want to play continuously on a different MIDI channel. I don't use Cubase so this is just uninformed advices...

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Re: Sostenuto pedal problem

Oh ! I completely missed this one, thanks Gilles !
I didn't think it would help since I don't use the sustain pedal yet in these passages,
but somehow it seems the problem is gone now. Hopefully that's the one !
I take the RTFM happily then smile


Re: Sostenuto pedal problem

Gilles wrote:

Not sure if I understand correctly, but unless you changed it, the CC for sostenuto (pedal 3 in pianoteq) is 66 not 64, which is the normal sustain.

I am having trouble with notes sustaining when i am not even using pedal- this happens from the middle of the keyboard up the octaves.  Please help.  Pianoteq5 standard.


Re: Sostenuto pedal problem

Pianowizard, a few thoughts :

If your keyboard has a sustain button or similar you can set then it will activate sustain in Pianoteq (at least mine does).

It sounds like your keyboard is also split logically.  I'm not sure if it would work that way, but it's like you have sustain switched on for the lower half and not the top half.

You might also have something like that happen if you did something using a DAW - you can set up all kinds of complex mappings with a DAW.