Topic: Anyone play mono at home(with only one speaker)?

I understand that mono is the way to go live, but lots of people saying mono at home is sucks, and prefer stereo.

Is it really so bad to play mono with one speaker at home?
Share your experience please.

Until now I played Pianoteq only with headphones, but I will have soon a speaker, Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor, and I wonder how bad will it be using only one speaker mono.

I also would think that what works for live situation should work at home, but I'm not a sound engineer.

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Re: Anyone play mono at home(with only one speaker)?

You would use Pianoteq's monaural output mode in your case, then. Although for home purpose I'd definitely go with stereo, any time of day or night. It's simply improving the projection of the sound spatially.

Mono is also not always the "go to" thing to do live. Depending on how the stage is constructed, stereo can also be done, and be extremely beneficial as well. Of course it costs more to do so, and there are not a lot of venues that could support it, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. smile

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Re: Anyone play mono at home(with only one speaker)?

It ain't Pianoteq, but I love my Amazon Echo (" Alexa, play in stereo " " I can't - I only have a bass and treble speaker in one cylindrical cabinet" )