Topic: Setting a fraction of the sustain pedal

Hey (or greetz as they used to say) to the PTQ forums.
My first post includes a question stemming from an initial question having been answered quickly with the aid of the intuitive interface as follows:

With the limitation of having a non-variable sustain pedal giving an either hard 0 or 1, is there a way to define, within Pianoteq, the value 1.00 to equal e.g. 0.66 regarding sustains? The pedal can be right-clicked and a text-box allows for a fraction of 1 entered, but once such a pedal disengages and engages again, it reverts back to 1 and no longer takes into account the user value.

Within Options → MIDI tab, Controller 64 (Sustain) and any other controller value can be defined by the user besides the default 1.00, and it will be respected throughout playing. Preset-saving is also available.

An unanswered question arises:
Can these presets be MIDI-learned/selected? I.e., could there be a few user-defined presets, one with .50, and the other with 1.00 defined for Controller 64, and then somehow utilize a midi-device to select between them quickly mid-playing? This is obviously a workaround for lacking a continuous/variable controller, but it could be useful for half-pedaling or even some other things if it could be controlled by some extra midi device within reach while playing for one with hardware limitations. Any thoughts?

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Re: Setting a fraction of the sustain pedal

Instead of using Options->MIDI tab, you can use the sustain pedal curve instead. This is per-preset then. Click the VELOCITY text on the velocity curve and you will see a variety of curves you can set.

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Re: Setting a fraction of the sustain pedal

Thanks for the reply EvilDragon, didn't see that one.
With that in mind, I can assign control with MIDI learn (CTRL+Click on a preset) after making a few presets with various sustain pedal curves.
Nice cool