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My first post.

There is a fxp called “SteinwayD-C9b” by user DonSmith that I really think has a great sound.   I’m in the process of educating myself on the topic of temperament, scala and alternate tunings. The particular FXP usages a scala called: C9-8617Hz2OctNotP7Vel127-Lead8.

What is this? What does it mean?  Help…



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This seems to one of the scala files uploaded by Don Smith in the Other files section (search for category Scala files) except this particular one is absent. I downloaded a couple of the others, and they all define the standard Equal temperament (as seen in a text editor), so they are not necessary. I suppose maybe Don Smith is using the fact that the comment he includes in the scala file (C9-8617Hz2OctNotP7Vel127-Lead8) is displayed in the GUI and is a sort of useful description for the FXP. Maybe he could clarify that himself. smile

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Re: FXP / Scala question...

Thank you for the response.

I never knew that Scala files were in the "other files" and was downloadable.  I will download and see what I can figure out using a text editor.