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Hi -  Can anybody give me advice on getting rid of the sustain pedal noise ?  I've done the obvious, moving the slider all the way to the left on the panel but the noise persists.

I have a new laptop and when I first set it up and downloaded Pianoteq 5, the slider got rid of the pedal noise but now it doesn't seem to be working, I'm getting that awful noise again and can't figure out what I should do to make it stop !


Re: Sustain pedal noise

Please disregard my "sustain pedal" post, folks.  In desperation I shut everything down, brought it up again and the problem is gone.  No more noise !  Must remember that for future problems.  I love Pianoteq !


Re: Sustain pedal noise

Remember that you can use the "Parameter Freeze" window to choose many parameters (including pedal noise) that will be frozen automatically at their current values.  Those frozen values will persist will you change models.


Re: Sustain pedal noise

Thanks very much, I did not know that !  That will be very useful.  I'm using Pianoteq pretty much right out of the box and am slowly learning how to adjust it.  Learning how to get rid of the "noises" was an essential first thing I learned !


Re: Sustain pedal noise

I whacked the pedal noise and key clatter up high . . . Love 'em!  And the character changes for every instrument.

I'm playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order


Re: Sustain pedal noise

It would SEEM that when, through the miracle of technology, we no longer have to hear the clatter that an acoustic piano would make,  that we should take advantage of this great movement forward.  They're not pretty sounds and while some might prefer to  "whack them up",  I am resolved  to  "whack them down" to an inaudible level ….


Re: Sustain pedal noise

I like these noises too, but I find the default values too high.
I usually set the pedal noise at -4 or -5 dB (-8 or -9 for the U4), and the keys noise at -2 or -3 dB.
After all, you can hear them when you play a real instrument and in most of classical recordings.


Re: Sustain pedal noise

While not pedal noise, my Casio Privia 150 makes a lot of key noise.  However in a recorded performance that noise would be gone.  On the other hand pedal noise is built into the sound of Pianoteq.

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