Topic: Model B Cosmic - anyone else play this preset?

Hi all,

I just searched the forum here and didn't find anyone playing the Model B Cosmic preset, so I thought I'd post up one that I improvised in January this year. I've only been playing for about 3 years (teaching myself as time permits), so I'm not really that good yet. But, I think this sounds rather nice. I didn't have any precedence for this track, it just came out of nowhere while my partner was overseas in India (and you can kind of hear where I'm playing and wondering what to play next without messing up the flow of the track!).

https://soundcloud.com/jason-rainforest … al-a-minor

Pianoteq 5, Model B Cosmic, running on Ubuntu 16.10, played via a Yamaha MX61.

I hope you like it, and please, post up your Model B Cosmic pieces if you have any to share smile

edit: oh, don't mind the comment on my track around 1 minute, just one of my close friends being silly smile

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