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Have anyone heard or played Promega piano from General Music? I am just curious about this product cause I heard that Soundion, a Finnish company, took this product to our country (from Italy I suppose). In fact their factory is quite near my place. I must say I am little sceptical here; based to my google searches this Promega isn't a new product and to my ears those few sound clips were not very convincing. Soundion is brave company to challenge Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Nord, Casio etc.

Anyway maybe the most interesting thing here is that they say that the sound engine is modelled. So how does it compare to Pianoteq or V-piano or Physis Piano etc.?


P.S. Here's a link to Gem website (it looks "old" to my eyes...): http://www.generalmusic.fi

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I would assume they are simply reissueing the old Promega. And yes, pianos are modelled on it. World has advanced since then, I would say all the current modelled solutions do sound better and more realistic.

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I tried the Promega back in 2004.

It was quite impressive compared to other DPs at that time. My non-musician friend remarked how the piano sound seem to "jump out of the speakers" compared to my Kawai MP9000. The Rhodes sound was good also (although I could hear some graininess in the sound when listening through headphones).

However it was pricey at around $4000 CDN compared to $2700 for the Kawai. The Fatar action was a letdown. And it took a full minute to boot up if it was turned off completely. (It had a standby switch so you didn't have to power off fully.) But you could imagine what it would be like if somebody tripped over the power cord at a concert!


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I wrote to General Music head of sales and asked him how it differs to older Promega. He wrote back to me and told me that new Promega has new chips inside, new "UpDrake IC" micro chip module (I have no clue what it is??), many times more processing power, best available keyboard (again what? Perhaps Fatar what?), USB host and midi, digital out, new design, new sample sets.

Ok, it seems clear to that Promega uses some kind of a hybrid technology; engine is using both sampling and modelling. So it comes more close to Roland Supernatural pianos in that respect. Let's see how this goes, does Promega really offer a convincing alternative to Yamahas, Rolands, Kawais and Korgs (= best stage pianos)? It's in high price range, street price little over 3000 euros, so it must be really good to survive in this game in this league.

As a Finnish guy, I really hope best to them; our country and our bad economy need a new "Nokia" to MAKE FINLAND GREAT AGAIN (sorry I could not resist wink !!). Maybe it's this new General Music who knows. Ironically they are based in old Nokia (ghost-)town Salo and probably using Nokia's old factories...

Have a nice weekend!

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Finland has bad economy? Bullshit, come over to Croatia, you'll be shocked. big_smile

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Ecaroh wrote:

... to MAKE FINLAND GREAT AGAIN (sorry I could not resist wink !!).

I have someone from my own country, the good old USA, who I'd LOVE to ship to yours! No returns allowed!


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fubarable wrote:
Ecaroh wrote:

... to MAKE FINLAND GREAT AGAIN (sorry I could not resist wink !!).

I have someone from my own country, the good old USA, who I'd LOVE to ship to yours! No returns allowed!

I have a hint who is this someone... We are not that desperate yet!

Send him to Sweden, our beloved (*) neighbour, he seems to know Swedish problems better than Swedish people themselves.

(*) read: our envied

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Promega 2+ first demo:
https://www.facebook.com/story.php?stor … 6695671872


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Ecaroh wrote:

(*) read: our envied



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Your link takes me to a page that has been removed. What gives?


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There are some new sound demos online of the Gem Promega2+:

RealPiano with acoustic bass and cymbals

Concert Grand Piano 9' and Grand Piano 9' with acoustic bass

A variety of EQ Italian 10' Grand

Harpsichord and Organs

Church Organ & Pianos

Honky Tonk and Vintage Pianos

70's and 80's electric pianos

Italian Grand 10'



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Just in case anyone is still interested or curious, the June edition of Sound on Sound magazine has a review of this. The reviewer's conclusion is that it has likable grand piano sounds and better EP sounds, but for the price, it will struggle to be competitive.