Topic: Parameter resolution higher than UI readouts?

So tonight I'm getting super subtle on my PT Pro sound design, and I'm noticing that there seems to be far more parameter resolution in the sound engine than the UI values display.  It seems that if you use the mouse in fine-tune mode, you can get audible intermediate values by just moving the mouse even just a pixel, way before the UI readout value's lowest precision digit visually updates.

While that's cool (I hear a lot of difference now in the tiniest adjustments), it's a pain that those values can't be seen visually.  And worse, an adjustment that doesn't visually change is not recognized as an undoable event, even though it does affect the sound.

Is there any way to address this?  For example, by offering 1 or 2 more digits after the decimal point, and making the Undo system pick those up.  This could be an Options setting (the default would be the current behaviour).

It's amazing how much difference a sub-visual adjustment can make.  A good example is the hammer hardness, which really changes quite noticeably (to me anyway).

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