Topic: Impromptu du dimanche soir

My last track recorded with Reaper and Pianoteq Grotrian Concert Royal, modified following the advice of Qexl :

Qexl wrote:
Here's a quick idea, in Pianoteq's main interface, the "design" section for a modern grand like the latest Grotrian:
Set "energy" to something like 0.07 - and "bloom" to something like 2 seconds, up the "Q factor" to something like 1.26 and "cutoff to maybe 1.25 and then in the "tuning" box, change "direct sound duration" to something around 0.70 - it's not so subtle for some ears but for me it is one easy enhancement worth tweaking back down from. (Hovering the mouse over the controls gives info about what each setting means).
Couple that with a slightly softer velocity curve and Dynamics at say 45. You get amazing range, warmth with hardness at forte.
For me this kind of thing works on the sense of blooming long notes while initial higher overtones dissipate. With the right reverb and virtual mics it has been a nice trick to make Pianoteq sing even more pleasantly for me.

https://soundcloud.com/g-rard-delassus/ … anche-soir