Topic: Combat de géants

Here are two versions of the same song to compare two VSTi: the Giant Piano from Native Instruments:
https://soundcloud.com/g-rard-delassus/ … -the-giant
And the Pianoteq version (U4 Giant) :
Despite the different appearance of waveforms, this is the same duplicated MIDI track. It seems that the NI expresses less dynamics than the Pianoteq.

Edit : Attention !
I've removed the compressor in the NI-Giant version !
NI preset is "Modern Studio", without compressor.
Therefore my remark about dynamics is useless, and comparison with Pianoteq is more relevant !

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Re: Combat de géants

Very interesting comparison.  I wonder how the waveforms are generated - local peaks ? running average ?

But they certainly sound different.  Hard to believe they're the same midi file (not doubting you, just commenting).


Re: Combat de géants

I realized that there was a compressor in this preset.
I have turned it off and made a new render, see my first post...

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