Topic: Bugs - or undocumented features.

Pianoteq's support page doesn't seem to have a link for reporting bugs.
Over the years I have seen threads here where users have commented or complained about things and the team has stepped up, but surely there is a more formal bug reporting system in place ?

I can stimulate crashes under windows and would like to report it as a "vulnerability".


Re: Bugs - or undocumented features.

Just contact support directly via e-mail, they will sort it out, whatever it is - a pre-sales, a tech issue, a bug report.

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Re: Bugs - or undocumented features.

Hi aandrmusic,

You can write to us via https://www.pianoteq.com/support_form?direct , that's probably the best way to report bugs.


Re: Bugs - or undocumented features.

I will isolate it as best I can as soon as I can reproduce it RELIABLY.
Windows may be causing this and pianoteq may be merely exiting "defensively", which I regard as acceptable.


Re: Bugs - or undocumented features.

I cannot reproduce this RELIABLY.
When I first noticed it there were 4 or 5 crashes in fairly quick succession, however there have been no more crashes in almost a week.

At the time I was doing other things in other windows and at least one of them was midi related.
It is possible, even likely, that there were some sys-ex messages flying around on the midi bus at the time.
As to whether or not Pianoteq should defensively ignore everything that is not expressly for Pianoteq - may be debatable.

At least for the time being I'll withdraw my assertion that this represents a vulnerability bug.