Topic: Harmonic Pedal

Hi everybody,

I listened to some recordings of a Feurich Grand Piano featuring the "Harmonic Pedal" and it seems a very nice "Add-on". It's a 4th pedal (but not like Fazioli) with 3 different positions. In this short video Paul Barton explains the different positions combined with sound examples. For me, it would be very interesting to add such a feature to Pianoteq particularly with regard to the kind of use: Instead of pressing down all the time a pedal it would be sufficient to activate the pedal position with a click. Imho this would be very nice for a forthcomming update.
What do you think? Would this be possible?



Re: Harmonic Pedal

It's already implemented. There are 10 different pedal types that can be assigned to any of the four virtual pedals in pianoteq.