Topic: Note delay as a feature?

Note by note control over very small increments in the attack time, anyone? The idea is not just to replicate an attack envelope, but instead to replicate slight variations in the action, note by note. Many of the problems that can occur in the action result in a slower or faster response to the key press. A low-sitting jack, a low-sitting capstan, a misaligned whippen, and several other things can cause a slight delay in the hammer reaching the string, just as a high capstan can create a too-short throw distance, etc. To create an older piano that is slightly or greatly out of regulation, control over the delay seems needed.

Might be more fun to be able to regulate each note. Right-click somewhere and click on Action, and we see the action outside the piano, with control over each whippen and regulation screw. But I suspect that this would be asking for too much, although the more I think of the idea, the more I like it.