Topic: Feature requests

Been away for a time, long enough to dream of a simple setting and a parameter:

1. Would it be valuable for Pianoteq to remember our most recent layout, in terms of which panes we dragged out to one side? In other words, we could open the Effects pane, drag it out to one side of the main interface, and leave it there when we closed Pianoteq. The next time we started the program, the Effects pane would again open to one side of the interface.

2. I may have requested this before, but I can't find any post about it: The ability to change the amplitude of each unison. Over time, for various reasons, the hammer may hit one string more directly than others. It's part of the sound of an older piano. It may contribute to the pleasantness of a slight detuning of the unisons: there is beating, but if the off-tune string is not as loud as the in-tune string, the contrast between the pitches is a little less glaring. (The Direct Duration slider derives, if I understand correctly, from the tendency of the hammers to gradually favor some strings over the others, but this parameter has no effect on the relative amplitude of the strings.) Can I imagine the interface for this? Not exactly. For notes with only two unison strings, a Note edit pane like the Unison Balance pane could  be used. Dead center, both strings would have the same amplitude, etc. But for the notes with three unisons?

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