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I've been experimenting with the Wah effect on the Vintage Tines models. There is an Auto-Wah preset under the Wah effect, but it doesn't create the Mu-Tron envelope-type effect that I expect from classic auto-wah pedals. I'd like to trigger a single wah envelope for each key stroke. Instead, the Auto-Wah in PTQ seems to cause each note to ride on an underlying wah-wah-wah oscillation that is continuous like a tremolo, regardless of how I adjust the settings. Is it possible to adjust it into a key-triggered envelope?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Later edit: Sorry, I was mistaken, the Mu-Tron single wah effect is a triggered envelope filter that is different from auto-wah. PTQ does implement auto-wah in the classic fashion, with oscillating wah. If anyone knows of a low-latency plug-in effect that emulates a Mu-Tron envelope filter, I'm interested.

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Google is your friend ! ;-)
Did you try those?


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Many thanks, Luc.

Unfortunately, these plugins (and others my friend Google found ;~)) work like the auto-wah already in PTQ effects. I'll keep looking, though, for emulation of the Mu-Tron III envelope filter effect.


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Here's one that can do it (that and many other things): http://www.stillwellaudio.com/plugins/oligarc/

Hard work and guts!


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Thank you!  I'll experiment with the demo version....It looks like a hugely customizable effect package.


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An update on my search for Mu-Tron type envelope filters for EPs: The Effects in MainStage 3 (and Logic) for Mac include AutoFilter, which is also hugely adjustable. I was able to adjust envelope modulation within its control panel to emulate the Mu-Tron III sound for Pianoteq EPs. If you are a Mac user, MainStage is quite a package for live performance, including many sampled and modeled instruments and effects.... currently very inexpensive. It is a well-behaved host for Pianoteq, at least on my 2013 Macbook Air.