Topic: Experemental improvisation in pure intonation

Dear Listener,

here you can here my improvisation on the "Blüthner 1" tuned in just intonation:
https://soundcloud.com/l3nnard110/1-rec … s-on-piano


This is the first recording of my experimental improvisation(s) on piano.

Why experimental?
Well, I tuned the (vst) piano in just intonation as good as a piano allows that. Here it is optimized for the C-major-key. This intonation let the piano sound out of tune for modern ears, but actually the equal temperament is out of tune in terms of science, not the just intonation. Some chords sound quit good and another chords don't sound quit good. Additionally I used the chamber pitch of 414hz.

The used equipment:

Electric piano as MIDI-keyboard: Kawai C36
DAW: Pro Tools 12
Piano-VST/-model: Pianoteq 5 Pro/Blüthner Model 1
Reverb: Virtual Sound Stage 2 + Relab LX480 RHall
EQ/Compressor: Avid Channel Strip