Topic: A trick to switch between presets without an extra MIDI controller

I'd like to share an easy trick to switch between presets without the need for an extra MIDI controller. Perhaps for many of you this is obvious but since it took me about 4 years or so to figure it out it might be useful for someone else as well wink

I use a few instruments regularly like a klavecimble, an old piano and en new one. Switching between them makes practise less dull if you go over a difficult piece again and again. I configured my system so I can switch easily between them by pushing piano keys:

What you can do is save your favourites in your "My Presets" folder. Not absolutely necessary but makes it easier to keep an overview. In the Preset Manager select "My Presets". In the table go to the MIDI column of an instrument and after right clicking select "Assign MIDI Event". Press the lowest bass note on your piano. From now on every time you press that lowest note on your piano you automagically select that instrument. Do the same for the others (choose the next bass key to the right of the one you previously chose) and now you can simply use your piano keys to switch between your favourite presets in a fast and easy way.

Caveat: Every piano key that is assigned to a preset is lost for playing. If you play some heavy Rachmaninov you might need them but I don't... And I noticed that every key lower than you use for MIDI events is muted as well. That's why you only use the lowest bass notes.

I hope this is clear. If not just let me know. Have fun!