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Layering and 1-track recording using four presets from Pianoteq and one preset from Logic 8.  I have Logic 8 (elementary sequencing version for the Mac - nothing special) Logic 8 can host several Pianoteq presets with each with its own GUI.

1) Pianoteq:  Model B Wide ... faded out from middle "C" one octave down and silent on down to last note.

2) Pianoteq: K2 Bass & Piano split ... as is ... polyphony set to 16

3) Pianoteq:  Vibraphone V-B Tremolo ... zoned and faded in and back out from one octave below middle "C" up to one octave above middle "C" ... polyphony set to 4

Special Note on Vibraphone:  reverse velocity curve, that is,  0,80 to 127,0.  This makes the Vibes silent when playing the piano mf but they fade in and the pianos fade out when playing pp.

4)  Pianoteq:  Model B wide ... fade out starting from middle "C" down about an octave to nothing.  "0" from there down.  (acoustic Basses now layered alone)

5)  Logic 8:  Up Bass ... zoned to stop at F above middle "C".  This acoustic bass sample is pretty good but pretty good equates to excellent when layered with the bass from that K2 preset above.

My computer:  MacBook  OSX, V 10.7.5 running Logic 8 and the above presets.

Playing with this setup sounds like a jazz trio of Bass,Piano,Vibes - Fun!

As for layering two piano presets ... do it with a sequencing software application that can host Pianoteq - most can.  Here is a sample:

http://www.forum-pianoteq.com/uploads.p … hioned.mp3


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Nice, thanks


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Awesome! The K2 Bass & Piano split includes an upright bass? Modeled? Is the solo Bass Pianoteq or Logic8?


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brooster wrote:

Awesome! The K2 Bass & Piano split includes an upright bass? Modeled? Is the solo Bass Pianoteq or Logic8?

The other bass is the preset from Logic 8.  The name of the preset is Up Bass.  All of the Pianoteq sounds are individual Pianoteq presets brought up within the Logic 8 sequencer ("the host".  The "Up Bass" is their acoustic bass sample which plays layered with the Pianoteq Bass & Piano split.

Most sequencing programs can "host" several Pianoteq apps at the same time . .  if your computer can handle it.  If you ask too many more questions,
I am going to be in over my head  ;-)



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Any chance of uploading the various FXPs to the FXP corner? I only have Pianoteq Standard and can't (afaik) do that note by note fading out that you do. It sounds great. Thanks...


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Nicely done! You're giving me ideas.