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I'm a new PT user.  I currently have an XF8-88 that I will be trading in on something else eventually.

Has anyone got a curve they can share?  The action on this board is kind of stiff and right now I have the curve set at an downward bell curve but I'm not sure if that is correct for PT.  I did run the configuration program but the result was kind of flakey.  It was probably the Keyboard actuator.  smile

Velocity Curve screen print

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I replaced the XF8 with the Kawai MP11 and will never look back!  The menu system on the XF8 is a total joke.  IMHO.


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heya mr. Deep Purp.. uh i mean highway star big_smile

yeah the mp-11 looks like a seriously good keyboard... other than its weight, and kinda high pri$$$ce.....

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