Topic: Welcome - please read this first

Hi everyone,

Pianoteq is being used in many recording projects nowadays. This sub-forum is intended to inform about any musical creation using Pianoteq that has been published somewhere (CD, film, website etc.). If you have published or know about such a work published, you are welcome to mention it here and to give a link to the place where it can be heard. Please do not upload any file here concerning this topic, only links should be provided. Thanks.

We recommend using any of the following hosts to store files and to link to them in your message. The audio/video will then be displayed automatically below your link:
- youtube
- vimeo
- dailymotion
- musescore
- soundcloud
- bandcamp
- mixcloud
- hearthis.at
- flickr
- google photos
- twitter
- dropbox

If possible, please present the recording in detail - e.g. what Pianoteq version, instrument and preset that were being used, and any other information you feel can be of interest. If you would like to share your Pianoteq setting, feel free to upload the setting (fxp) file to the FXP Corner and link to it from there by right-clicking the file, copying the link and pasting it in your message.

If you need any assistance, just reply here in this thread.