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Brand new here and to PianoTeq...

How do I install and use PianoTeq from within GarageBand?




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I'm mainly on Logic Pro 7 myself, but I just tried this out so hopefully it'll work at your end as well. As you might already know, GarageBand uses the AudioUnit format for plugins, so first off, install the AU version.

- In GarageBand, create a new Software Instrument track. Select the new track and press the 'Information' button (or CMD+I).

- On the righthand panel, access 'Details'. There's a dropdown menu there called Generator. You should find PianoTeq somewhere at the end of the list.

- To access the PianoTeq GUI, press the small pencil-like symbol on the right of the menu. Edit away. smile

As GarageBand by default creates a Grand Piano when you create a new Software Instrument track, please notice that there's usually some additional reverb and echo active that comes embedded with the Grand Piano settings; you may want to kill these if you want to build your sound from scratch.

When you're done editing your PianoTeq settings, use Save Instrument to store your new custom setting (with a new custom name) in the 'regular' software instrument window.

Hope this helps!