Topic: Noises, noises ...

Hi dear Pianoteq creators .
I found one strange noises on lowest one octave range , it happends like key release sounds or key release tails distortions, when playing, even if you will disable "Key Release Noise", "Sustain Pedal Noise", & "hammer noise" on "Voicing" pannel . You can check these strange sounds, if not hear, more audible, - just make full  +12db volume, & play in ppp - mp dynamic, lowest notes on 1-1.5 octave key range , but first make your amplifier volume less to avoid blow up speakers or headphones, ( better check it with headphones ). Now You will hear these strange key release sounds , - feels like after release piano key sounds like distortion on release lowest notes or something like digital  degradation . These sounds I hear on lowest 1 - 1.5 octave range only, not on higer keyboard range . To hear this distorted sound more audible, You can make in "options" , "Key Release Duration" - 5 . Yes I understand , that somebody can say, that I make too much high level & etc...
Not, my friends, I found these things on volume level -1db. These adjustments, for "check" I suggest only , if somebody don't be hear it. & again , like before I ask , if it's possible to make more higest quality wav samples of hammer noise , key release noise , & sustain pedal noise, now is too much low bit rate or quality of these wavs . & one more thing, that sustain pedal noise, have too much not dampher noise, from strings damphing, but just digital noise , & on release,- have tail noise resonance on low A note , most You can hear it,  when push & release sustain pedal . Just put volume +12db  & in options  sustain pedal noise to + 20, to hear "quality" of these samples . I understand , that nobody listen on so high level these noises, but engine of piano sounds are 32 bit, & how much bit are these noises ..., because I listened carefuly & I be hear on normal levels ,that with this part of pianoteq , is not so much perfect. After I start to check everything on "high" levels . Noises must be same quality, like piano sounds on Pianoteq & not go "out" from all sounds pickture .
These things happends not depends of sound card , ( I have good enough 24 bit sound card ) , & not depends of not enough CPU , again I work with 4gb RAM , Quad Core & etc ..., I said that, because again most of "forumers", start to blame my hardware, or OS setups... not, it happends in Pianoteq software only, & audible only on lowest 1 or 1.5 octave key range, depends of preset ( all "noises" disabled ).
Sorry for not propper english, but... I hope You understand me .
Any way, Pianoteq is best piano software, thank You Modartt !!!