Topic: Pianoteq and Band-in-a-Box

I'm back again, like Wiley Coyote, still trying to realize my goals with Pianoteq.

The great news is I no longer have a latency problem, woohoo.

My goals are:

  1. Use Pianoteq pianos with my Roland FP-7F MIDI keyboard - DONE!

  2. Mix in backing tracks.  I was hoping to use the ones provided by my keyboard, but I can't figure out how to cleanly mix analog audio in the AudioBox USB 96.  Instead, I am running Band-in-a-Box on my PC.  The Pianoteq is using the ASIO driver.  BIAB has to use the MME driver if i want to hear both at the same time.  It's working!  - DONE!

  3. Record the Pianoteq and backing track, together, without fuss.  I love Pianoteq's feature that it always archives what you play.  It is perfect for easily getting feedback on your playing.  I would like something similarly easy to get feedback of my playing along with the backing track.

Can anybody give me ideas on how I can accomplish goal #3?

I have Studio One 3 Artist, which I use for recording projects, but I have hopes there is a lighter weight way to record my practice sessions, for easy feedback.