Topic: Pianotec in ProTools?

After Gibson having killed Cakewalk, and being also a Sibelius user, ProTools was my first choice as alternative for Cakewalk's Sonar.
In the ProTools forum, Pianoteq appears as compatible:
http://duc.avid.com/showthread.php?p=24 … st2462554.
However, when I open a session in ProTools, and wish to insert a new instrument in an instrument track, pianoteq does not appear on the list.
I am running pianoteq 6.0.3 Standard.
There should be an AAX.dll in the installation, because that's ProTools plugin format.

I reinstalled pianoteq 6.0.3, in the course I discovered I really can install the AAX.dll, so I proceeded.
However, the plugin does not appear in ProTools session. Do I have first to deinstall all pianoteq before installing them anew? I thought the old installation would be overwritten by the new one.
Please can I be informed?

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I could just have deleted this thread, but I hope there is at least one more newbie here having the same question.
It is solved. You really have to first deinstall the pianoteq, and reinstall it with all plugin dlls you need. Now I have pianoteq in ProTools. :-)

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