Topic: prepared piano for Arvo Pärt Te Deum

Everything is in the title! I'm trying to achieve the sound of a prepared piano for a performance of the beautiful "Te Deum" of Arvo Pärt. All I need (?!) is to simulate the presence of 4 screws between some strings (A2 - D3 - F3 - A3)... I will be using PTQ Pro version 5 (WIN XP, so no 6 possible).
Honestly I already tried a lot of parameters tweaking but to no avail yet...
Thanks for any help!


Re: prepared piano for Arvo Pärt Te Deum

Very beautiful piece indeed! Have you tried using a second pianoteq instance with only the special notes active and with the rattle pedal partly on? Note sure what the wanted effect sounds like on a real piano though (can't really hear it under the choral and orchestral mass) but there is a metallic buzz overtone on the rattle pedal that might be what you want if you find the right pedal position.


Re: prepared piano for Arvo Pärt Te Deum

Great! I think that's what I was looking for ! Thank you !