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haven't found a general Pianoteq 6 Feedback thread with the search function, neither my specific problem (in case it is not me being the problem).

I am using a Kawai VPC1 with Pianoteq Stage v6.0.3, and I noticed the following:

Hitting A-6 and releasing the key does not stop sound playback. The sound goes on, as if the pedal was pressed down (which it is not).
Hitting higher notes, they also are not muted by releasing the key, but they do not sound as long as that A-6 Note.

Every note below the A-6 is muted almost instantly (in a way I imagine it should happen) the moment the key is released.

In case my description is not clear, I can provide a recording.

Did I mess up some settings? The behaviour does not sound intended.

Would be nice, if someone knew what is going on.

Kind Regards


Re: Possible Bug in Pianoteq 6

As for a real piano, there is a point in the high register where there is no more damper. For Model D the last damped note is G5 (MIDI number 91), so A5 (probably your A6 since in pianoteq's notation middle C is C3 not C4 as elsewhere) is undamped. This can be viewed and changed in the Action panel for versions Standard and Pro, but not for Stage.

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Re: Possible Bug in Pianoteq 6

Thanks for the answer smile

Yes, this would be A5 then.

But still, the A5 sounds way longer than the higher notes.
Roughly 4 seconds, while I hear no sound after 2 seconds for the other ones. (On different playback devices aswell)

Is that also normal behaviour, based on a emulated resonance the Model D has?


Re: Possible Bug in Pianoteq 6

I guess it's normal. The shorter the string, the stiffer it is so there is a shorter free vibration with the same impact.


Re: Possible Bug in Pianoteq 6

Hello Messrs. WentChopinToday and Gilles,

Upon reading this thread, I confirmed that the next to highest note A in Steinway D sustains longer than the adjacent undamped notes.

I was able to make a quick correction by editing the PRO version, and reducing the Impedance value of the single Note A6 (where Middle C is defined as A4) from 1.00 down to 0.74.  Now when I play adjacent high notes, the decay time is more uniform.

Please note I was able to vary the soundboard's impedance for this single note in Pianoteq PRO only.  That's because the Standard Version allows only global impedance slider changes.  To modify the Impedance slider for the whole soundboard would result in drastically changing Model D's decay -- to the detriment of the whole piano.  (Really, only one note will benefit from this adjustment.)

I shall notify Philippe to make this slight change in impedance value to Note A6 on the Steinway D model, as a future update.   I wouldn't call it a "bug" in PTQ6; rather, it would fall under the topic of update improvement of that particular note on the Steinway Model D.



EDIT:  This is to inform you that I sent an email to Philippe, notifying him of this anomaly.
End Edit.

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