Topic: For Bösendorfer will there be improvement with Pianoteq 6 .fxp ?

Version 6 of Pianoteq is even more enjoyable and playable than the previous version. (Even more on very good headphones).
This leaves us hope that piano models that are not "in the current catalog" can also (one day?) Benefit from this evolution.

Amateur pianist, I begin a (laborious) upgrade after a very long piano stop.
By comparing the different models of pianoteq and especially the .fxp files proposed, I realized (with Pianoteq Stage)
that the configuration "Bosendorfer Oscar Peterson" was the one whose stamp was the closest.
(Thanks to sskuk1 for this beautiful work under Pianoteq 5)
With the "standard" version of pianoteq 6, (for me in demonstration at the moment),
the configuration "Bosendorfer Imperial" - (always sskuk1) is still a little closer. (For classical type).
I do not have very good microphones for the recording of a real piano and I contented myself with a ZOOM H2 a little old (44k16bits) probably not very well placed.
The pianist being much worse than the pickups, I limited myself to a few chords in the low, medium and high
alternating - when mounting - between the 2 instruments. (48k24bits for Pianoteq).
After listening, the comparison recording on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAiIWyJ … e=youtu.be   - unfortunately with a sound encoded in mp3),
I find Pianoteq "pleasant" with a clear sound, not at all artificial, in which we find in part a piano Bosendorfer,
but with very slightly shallower basses (more in direct listening than with the ZOOM H2 pickups despite 6 db compensation below 50hz)
a timbre less rich in harmonics in the medium and less crystalline in the treble.
The attacks are also somewhat less percussive in the medium and especially in the treble.
The absence of nuances of the pianist is perfect, but fortunately not the real piano, very detuned at the time of recording. (Of course a well played piece would be more representative).
There seems to be, however, a possible margin of progress with pianoteq 6 or 6.x? and / or in one of the pianoteq .fxp files 6 imaginable for a Bosendorfer grand.