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I'm very happy with Pianoteq6--it's a great tool.

I'm not a keyboard player and use a midi guitar to trigger pianoteq. I use a Fishman TriplePlay pickup, and use LogicPro

When I use the Fishman-equipped guitar as a general midi trigger, and put pianoteq as an intstrument on the track, it works well.

BUT the Fishman system is designed to work best with Fishman's TriplePlay plugin as the "instrument." In that case, you use Pianoteq from within the TriplePlay plugin, as you might with, say Kontakt.

For example, in this image Pianotoq is running inside TriplePlay

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Image link incase BBcode fails http://spokeshave.net/music/PT6.jpg

When I do that, Pianoteq plays really really stacatto. The sustain pedal works, but  in ordinary play there is no sustain at all--the notes cut off almost instantly, even though the Triple play plug shows it is still receiving note information from the guitar strings.

Any idea how I can fix this?

Thank you


Re: Pianoteq and TriplePlay

I'm not familiar with that interface, but you could check if TriplePlay generates an immediate NoteOff event after the NoteOn in the Options/MIDI panel. If so, an output probably appropriate when plucking a guitar string, you can try reversing the Damper Mode in the Output pedal curve so that pianoteq functions more like a harp.


Re: Pianoteq and TriplePlay

Within Logic Pro, you may need to open up the Midi Editing window by double clicking on the midi notes, and view the "lengths" of the notes you say are being played very staccato in the newly opened Midi Edit window.  There are two possibilities happening here:

1), the notes really "are" captured with very short durations, in which case, you can highlight a bunch of them, and drag their representative lengths to the right to lengthen them to taste.

2) there is also the possibility that your guitar-type controller is sending out more than one copy of each note on the same midi channel.  In this case, even though the length of a single note "looks" okay, there might be another note hiding under the original note that needs to be removed.  To see if this is the case, simply highlight one note that is playing "excessively short" and temporarily drag it up an octave or two -- and look to see if there are any "ghost notes" that remain in the original position. 

If these ghost notes (my terminology) are present, you will need to get rid of them before returning the original note back to its original position.  Here is what happens, in the event a ghost note exists:  both the original note and the ghost note will start at essentially the same time, but the note-off message of the very short ghost note will cause the original note to also shut off.

Hope this helps.




Re: Pianoteq and TriplePlay

Thank you all for the replies. its odd--the TriplePlay comes with standalone software, and on that mode, running outside of logic, I can load pianoteq "inside" tripleplay and it plays normally. But when loaded in Logic, it does the staccato thing.

I do SOMETIMES see doubled notes, but it's not consistent--I'll look into it.

I't snot vital, the tripleplay pickup works reasonably just as a straight midi trigger, with whatever instrument is loaded in  the track


Re: Pianoteq and TriplePlay

PB+J, thanks for posting this. I too have the Fishman TriplePlay guitar synth interface hardware with the TriplePlay 1.4.106 software running on MacOS Sierra, along with Pianoteq 6.0.2, and some time ago I observed the same problem through Apple GarageBand 10.2.0. I have not been able to troubleshoot these problems either. I just gave up. If I can find the time, I'll get it back out and see if I can figure out anything useful.

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