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I upgraded my Pianoteq installation on my old Fit-PC running Mint 13 (recommended for the Fit-PC because of driver issues, apparently), and wanted to run Pianoteq 6. However, it does not start, whereas Pianoteq 5 works fine.

Any changes made to Pianoteq 6 that could cause this?

Any input is most appreciated.


Re: Pianoteq 6 on Linux - not starting

No problem with Librazik, a Debian derived distrib.


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I had an issue with pianoteq not starting on an old install of Lubuntu 12.04, which is of age similar to Mint 13 . My distro was missing a particular version of a library file, which are included in later Ubuntu version. Upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 made pianoteq run.

I don't know your computer knowledge,  but I'll write this down anyways - it could help other people.  Anyways, if you execute pianoteq from the command line, it will probably tell you what is missing. You have to open a command line (Ctrl + alt + t on a lot of linux distros) and navigate to the folder where pianoteq is installed. Sometimes the file browser lets you open a command line directly from a particular folder. Navigation is done by the means of cd to change directory and ls for a list of contents; search online for how to if this is greek. You have to choose the right one of three folders in the (GNU/)linux pianoteq folder, as well - the ***64 version, I think. When inside the folder, type


, this will try to run it and will output any errors. You can post this output here so that perhaps I or someone else can help you.

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The Pianoteq for Linux distribution file is compressed with an archive program called "7z", a utility which I had never before encountered. Given the wrong "switch" instructions 7z will extract the Pianoteq files into the current directory rather than into the necessary directory structure.

Don't type this (at a terminal command prompt):

7z  e pianoteq_linux_v601.7z

Instead, type this and the program will install correctly and run without complaint:

7z x pianoteq_linux_v601.7z


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Thank you so much for input. I do believe I am reasonable familiar with IT. The extraction seems to be ok, the file structure is as expected, and I checked and was quite certain that the file was not corrupted. So it was a really good suggestion from sunnyolivces running it from command line, and I got this error message:

/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.16' not found (required by ./Pianoteq 6)

My system is apparently up-to-date, and only made it to go libc-2.15.so, and as far as I can detect from googling it is not trivial to force the update.

I am only using this PC for PianoTeq, it is old and not a disaster if it breaks in my attempt to upgrade. It is more important for me to be in ptq 6, as I have upgraded my other PCs to 6 and want them to be in sync so I can use the same settings and instruments in both rehearsal, at home, and live. In other words, I am willing to try something out.


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Torsten B. Hagemann wrote:
/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.16' not found (required by ./Pianoteq 6)

Ok, so that is the exact same message I got. I fired up Synaptic package manager to check if there were any newer versions pending, but the libc.so.6 was so up to date as could be for my particular distro - same as you.  Are you going to try and upgrade to a newer Mint version, then? btw, it could be faster to do a reinstall from an ISO or USB than upgrading, especially considering support for your distro ended April this year. Mine took all day (slow pentium dual-core CPU).

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Torsten B. Hagemann wrote:

I upgraded my Pianoteq installation on my old Fit-PC running Mint 13 (recommended for the Fit-PC because of driver issues, apparently)

Have you actually tried an up to date install of Mint (18) ?

You can download one and try a boot from a USB key or DVD relatively easily without any risk.  I think it is possible for some versions of the Fit PC (and it won't hurt to try anyway).


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Thanks! OK, then I know what to do - upgrade, that is.

I just upgraded my network connection AND replaced the NAS, including new physical place for servers and printer, so I have my hands full with IT configuration, and assume that my wife will appreciate if I finish the server/printer/network setup completed so she can use it, before I start on the music setup.

But at least everything is clear now. Most appreciated.