Topic: Pianoteq 6 free instrument also updated?


This is my first post on this forum and I am new to Pianoteq, currently demoing the new version. I have one question though: is the free instruments, in particular the CP80 model, also revised from version 5? Or is it the exact same instrument as in version 5? Because I have not bought pianoteq yet, I can not download the CP80 and try. When listening to the audio demo of it from version 5 I was not very impressed - there was something lacking. I have got the real thing and was hoping maybe this could at least rival some of the best sample libraries of this instrument out there. I am impressed by the wurly and rhodes instruments however. Not yet decided if I should buy though.   




Re: Pianoteq 6 free instrument also updated?

This link from Phil Best is a video about  electric pianos in Pianoteq 6 and includes a brief sample of playing on them, including the CP-80.


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Re: Pianoteq 6 free instrument also updated?

Nice, thanks for the link mate.