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I'm new here at this forum or al last I don't remember if I previously participated here. any way thanks a lot for the user of this forum and all the info and shares of information are here. First of all I must say i have only the PianoTeq6 Stage version, soon I will upgrade but I try to get the best from it and his controls. I have a Fatar 900 that recently I had dismount it and cleaned from inside to outside and this little 19 year old keyboard comes to life again.

I try to get the best for my stage version in the search of a good piano, I mean for a good piano, not a record one that Pianoteq have a bunch of them, but for composition I search a good one in terms of "powerful sound" on that I feel I sitting on the front with my headphones or my monitors with subwoofer. I select for the start a Bluethner Studio Recording BA and added some Fx, also I use the harmonics pedal a little pushed to simulate something similar to the case resonance, and added a little COMP, AMP and REBERB-Jazzstudio in Binaural mode.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/guuxf68fnrb4h … 4.fxp?dl=0

Here is the Fxp file hope you enjoy it and if someone made additional tweeks please share it

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Re: In the quest for a powerful surrounding piano

I just try to add in the equation the Boom 3d soft and it blow my mind. Expanding the stereo FX to the top.