Topic: Pianoteq 6 Bluethner Sound

Here's a short piece, "Daybreak," using PT 6 on Bluethner. I'm attaching a .wav file since I would not want to see the sound quality compromised. (Let me know if you can't access this file and I'll figure out a work-around. I've never tried to attach a .wav file before).

Daybreak.wav edit - seems to fail. So here's the inferior soundcloud version:


Output setting is Stereophonic - which I enjoy for its clarity in the lower regions. Direct sound duration set to maximum which seems to work for this piece - makes the piano "sing" a bit. Just a bit of reverb, no EQ, no other effects. Aliquot strings set to zero (not necessary though). I think the sound quality of the Bluethner speaks for itself, and, in fact, one of the the main points of this piece is to permit the listener to bask in the sound. 

However, I will remark that, realistic or not, the higher frequency regions (not explored in this piece) of this and other PT piano models do show harshness. The harshness is evident when listening through any half-decent set of monitor speakers or headphones, and exists for each individual note (i.e. is not a consequence of imperfect tuning). This harshness can be quite effective musically, and, as I hinted, may be entirely realistic. However, I think that Pro users should be able to adjust overtone frequencies individually (which are the primary source of the harshness) just as they are able to adjust overtone relative volume. Doing so would enable us to further extend the meaning and musical use of the piano.

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