Topic: Adding an 'outside' corrective velocity curve

For a while I have been wishing that there be two different velocity curves that can be applied within Pianoteq – the first one which can be used as a correction device for any particular keyboard, such as my QRS PNOscan-equipped upright piano, and the second that can be used for "creative purposes" such as I find through various instrument presets, especially for pianos made to sound old as well as electronic instruments.

With the help of a friend, I found a separate software solution: MIDI Velocity Curve Changer by Trombettworks ( www.trombettworks.com ).  This is an older freeware utility whose only purpose is to be a velocity curve modifier. I use my corrective velocity curve here, feed that into an external virtual MIDI cable such as LoopBe Internal MIDI, and then feed that as the source into Pianoteq.  There is another program that does the same thing that I have not tried,

http://www.bewaryprods.com/software/pro … sMIDIfier/

as well as a 'hardware solution', an external processor box that plugs in between the keyboard and the computer, the velocity converter made by MIDI Solutions:

http://midisolutions.com/prodvel.htm  (look for products – velocity converter)

The downside of using a software solution as I indicated above is that it eats up some processor cycles, adding to your latency. Originally I thought this would not work, but then I made some modifications to my computer, a Windows Surface Pro4, that ran much more efficiently afterwards, allowing me to then "sneak in" the external velocity converter without having bumped my Pianoteq perceivable latency past the threshold that my brain finds troublesome. The downside of using a hardware converter, such as the MIDI Solutions box above, is that it is more money, costing approximately $120. In the future, I may go the hardware solution, but currently the software solution is working just fine.