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Hi All,

I've just registered to make you aware that I've had an article published on the MIDI Association website, at MIDI.org:

Microtuning and Alternative Intonation Systems | Microtuning virtual and electronic hardware instruments: An overview of formats and methods for using alternative intonation systems

https://www.midi.org/articles/microtuni … on-systems

Of potential interest to users of Modartt's software is the PSA portion of the article that deals with the correct implementation of the Scala SCL/KBM format, where there is much adulation for Modartt Pianoteq getting their implementation of the specification done the right way.

Many thanks to the Modartt developers for this. Pianoteq is the primary example I always reference when discussing this matter with other musicians, composers and virtual instrument developers working with alternative intonation systems in their music and software design, and it's refreshing to know that there are a few developers that understand why this is important to this type of music.

It's my hope that it will draw attention to the topic and inspire other developers to add the KBM part to their products in the future, as there are so many implementations of the Scala SCL format in virtual instruments that leave out KBM entirely, which makes them nearly impossible to use for serious microtonal and xenharmonic music composition.

Jacky Ligon

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