Topic: need advice - rhyme of another summer - by Yann Tiersen

I am a beginner for almost 3 years. And I would like to have opinions, good or bad. Advice to make me progress and correct my mistakes smile
The music in question is 'rhyme of another summer - by Yann Tiersen', a French music. (in french : "comptine d'un autre été")

Thank you smile



Re: need advice - rhyme of another summer - by Yann Tiersen

Hello Mr. Apoale,

Actually, this is a forum for Pianoteq software and not for evaluating performances on acoustic pianos, but I will make an exception in the case because I believe you are sincere.

There seems to be trouble synchronizing the rhythm of both of your hands.  In Comptine, your left hand is nice and steady in the beginning, but the right hand seems to come in on the downbeat instead of waiting for the second note of the left hand.  Your right hand (G, then F#) must come in on the second quaver/eighth note (Note B) on the left hand. 

In addition, when your right hand plays a bunch of semiquavers/sixteenth notes, it goes completely out of sync with your left hand.  Just remember, there are two notes in the right hand for every one note in the left hand at this point.

Rather than going through each beat, you might be advised to seek the help of a piano teacher who can guide your two hands to play at the correct beats in synchrony.