Topic: Rhodes Suitcase sound

Have any of you created a preset in the Vintage Tines MkI or MkII models that gets close to the sound of the Rhodes Suitcase preamp, amp and speakers?  So far, I like the sound of the MkII Room Close Mic preset, with a pair of virtual 414-omni or 414-cardioid mics. To my ears, this starts with the right warm but clear sound across all 88 keys. However, I haven't managed to dial in the rest of the tight (compressed?) sound of those original solid-state preamps in the Rhodes Suitcase models.

For comparison, the Vintage Electric Piano in Apple Logic/Mainstage includes fairly good models of the Suitcase preamp/amp, and there are several sample libraries from real Suitcase pianos. The new Sonicouture sampled Suitcase library (http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products … -suitcase/) got me interested in trying to create a PTQ preset to get closer to this classic Suitcase sound. I'd like to do it with the resources within PTQ, if possible, rather than external software.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!