Topic: Pianoteq on Mini PC?

Has anyone tried running pianoteq on a dedicated mini PC like this:

https://www.amazon.com/MINIX-NEO-Z83-4- … amp;sr=1-1

It has 4G of RAM which should be fine but I am concerned the 1.8ghz atom processor would have issues. For what it is worth it would be connected to an external audio interface.



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I guess with limited polyphony it could work. I remember using Pianoteq on a 2 GHz Core2Duo, it was fine (around 30% CPU). It was version 4, though.

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Wel, you still need a screen.


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I'm running it on a Celeron N3060. I guess it all depends on the way you use Pianoteq. I personally record midi to convert later in wav format. In live you might have to reduce polyphony and make adjustments... so if you like the best quality of direct recording it might not be the best system to get.

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Also, if it is for the low cost, you might also consider netbooks like these: https://www.amazon.com/HP-Celeron-Windo … =hp+stream

you have as a bonus, the screen.


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If you can get it working for Pianoteq with Keyboard, Mouse, and monitor, but then you want to have it running headless, you could try this for the HDMI port:

https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/contro … ku=1213945

This HDMI plug will allow a MAC Mini to boot with no monitor.

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I'm also interested.

Have been checking for an affordable mini pc capable of running PTQ at maximum polyphony but still not sure what configuration to go for.

I remember using a laptop 2011 i3 dual core with no problem at all, maximum polyphony.. so I guess PTQ is not processor "high demanding".. but curious whether would it work flawlessly on lower range processor like atoms

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Any experiences from other users on other low range devices are welcome.

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I was recently given an ailing DFI embedded system module with W7.  The SATA drive had died, but after replacing it I got the machine working with PT5.  The processor is an Intel Atom running at 1.86GHz with 2G RAM.  I had to throttle PT back slightly, but it seems to work comfortably at about 50% cpu load when set to internal sample rate 22KHz, max polyphony 32 and 512 samples.  I can't get the cpu to overload at those settings.  I intend to integrate the little PC into the piano stand with a touch-screen display.  It is wonderful to have zero fan noise - I can run the PC off the same 12V DC power supply as the Korg keyboard.   Since I can't hear 10KHz these days, I can't discern any difference between 22 and 44 K internal sample rate.