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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, and the first post is an odd one right away. I hope that's OK.

This weekend I purchased a license for Pianoteq 5 Stage from a reputable German music store online.

Today then I received an email from them, telling me that they had run out of download codes for Pianoteq Stage and that they wouldn't be able to procure any new ones. When I pushed them on the matter, they replied that it appears that Pianoteq Stage was to be discontinued and that no new licenses were being  issued for that version of Pianoteq. I explicitly asked them whether its is due to a version update or if the discontinuation pertained only to Stage, and in their final reply to me they implied that only Pianoteq Stage was affected (i.e. rather "no more Pianoteq Stage" instead of "Pianoteq 6 coming").

I want to share this info with the community and also check whether any of you have heard / know anything in regard to this matter?
As a performer, the Stage version is the most attractive for me (at least for now, as a "gateway drug" smile) and I can't imagine that there aren't more people out there like myself who'd prefer the simplicity of Stage over the feature-richness of Standard and Pro. It would be a shame if Pianoteq stopped selling this version, not least because it sort of would render the pricing model a little more ordinary (where else can you get access to a modelled piano sound of THAT quality for €99!).

Any info is appreciated. I see the summer sale for the Standard version is on till end of July, will think about that in the meantime.


Re: Pianoteq Stage to be discontinued?

I wouldn't think it'd be discontinued.

You can always purchase directly from Modartt, though. Stage still available (however Standard is at 30% off, so grab the chance if you can! smile):


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Re: Pianoteq Stage to be discontinued?

yes, I would find it strange too...let's see.

The Summer deal is certainly tempting...I wonder if it is worthwhile the extra 90€ for me....hmmm smile

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Re: Pianoteq Stage to be discontinued?

It seems you were misinformed. There are no plans to discontinue Pianoteq Stage. We are no longer distributing our products through our German distributor, which explains why the dealer currently cannot supply any licence. You can of course always order through our online store at https://www.pianoteq.com/buy


Re: Pianoteq Stage to be discontinued?

Dear Niclas,

Thank you very much for the info and for setting this straight!

Glad to learn that Stage is here to stay.

Keep up the great work!