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Hello folks,

I am hobbist pianoteq user since version 3 but this is the very first time I'm posting here.

I'm looking to buy a new weighted controller since my NumaNano is suffering from amnesia and since one year ago all it does is ask for it's firmware (and get an error everytime I try to send it using the fatar app).

So I was looking for keyboard controller where with the focus in a piano action and good repetition times.
After my bad history with the numanano, have a TS-12 with broken keys in my teenage times and read some terrible reviews about their new SL series built quality, I don't trust fatar anymore. As I live in Brazil, the Kawai VPC-1 costs the same as a new cheap car, so it's also out of the equation.

What remains is the Roland A-88 and the Casio Px560m.
Forget about the built-in sounds, just as a midi controller with Pianoteq: Which one do you recommend?

Thanks in advance!


Re: A88 x Px560

I own and use an a-88 since 2013. As a controller of 16 kg it is a very good keyboard and I would highly recommend it. There are better actions out there but all of those weight far more than 20 kg.

I cannot tell anything about the Casio.

For its quality, price, and weight ratio  a-88 is very hard to beat


Re: A88 x Px560

I have a Casio Px-5S, precursor of the Px560.   The casio keyboards also have a remarkably good action for a lightweight keyboard (12kg).  I have not really tested the repetition times, never noticed it to be a problem, however, I'm sure the action does match that of a concert grand.   If you are only interested a midi controller the Casio PX-350 and Px-160 have the same action as the Px560 and are quite a bit cheaper.

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