Topic: Yamaha FC3 issues..

ok, I can see MIDI controller 64 messages coming in to PT 5 from the Yamaha FC3 - values 0 up to 127 (via the MIDI setup window) however when I go back to the main screen there is no sustain pedal action at all and no sustain working either. How is it that PT can see these messages but not be able to use the controller in the main window?


EDIT: Ok I found by using the MIDI learn on the pedal graphic it did see the pedal, and by swapping the 0 - 1.00 ranges that also fixed the polarity issue too smile This is ONLY in stand-alone mode,  I cannot get it to work the same in VST mode in the DAW or VST Host program??

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Re: Yamaha FC3 issues..

The Yamaha FC3 half-damper-capable continuous-controller foot pedal is wired to produce values that are opposite to what many keyboards expect for a sustain pedal. It works well on a Yamaha digital keyboard, but not on many other brands. I opened my Yamaha FC3, unsoldered and resoldered two of the wires to opposite positions, so that the pedal functioned as the keyboard expected, without needing to change the "controller 64" (sustain pedal) values in Pianoteq, as you did as a workaround to the issue.

I had to do a little research on the 'net and a little guesswork to determine which two of the three wires on the potentiometer inside the FC3 I needed to rewire, so you may have to do the same, if you decide on the same solution.

There do exist some easily switch-activated reversible-polarity foot pedals to use as a sustain pedal, but so far I have found only 2-state (on/off, completely unsustained or completely sustained) pedals, no continuous-type "half-damper" capable easily reversible-polarity pedals.