Topic: The best piano sound possible

Hello Everyone,

I've tested many VSTIs and found Pianoteq the best so far. I use Stage.

I have tried almost all the settings in the software and found that the D4 Daily Practice is the best piano sound. It's the clearest and most piano like setting, for me.

I always turn the key release and sustain peddle noise almost off. As I find them distracting and muddies the sound.

But, I'm still not happy with the sound. I guess I keep comparing it to the real thing, recorded in a studio with profesional mixing and mastering.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the best piano sound possible with the Pianoteq software?

I know a lot of this has a lot to do with the type of sound system and the space you are hearing it in, but I've still not heard anything as clear and natural as a good acoustic piano. Though, Pianoteq is very close, in my opinion.

Here's a short peice to show you what I think is the best sound I can create so far But, I have to say, Soundcloud does something weird to the sound. It sounds likes it's being played in a tunnel. If I listen on the Pianoteq software, it's much clearler.



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