Topic: Amplification advice for live environment

Can anyone give advice how to get the best results in live environment i.e. connecting my laptop to a PA?

Are there particular D4 or K2 instruments that amplify particularly well?

What pianoteq settings do I need to adjust to get the best sound in this amplified way?

Getting a better laptop make a difference?

Using focusrite audio unit improve matters?

Pianoteq Standard
I am using a Casio RDP120
Old Dell (i3 2nd gen) laptop with only one usb port
RCF ART310 powered speaker (only using one at the moment, but I have got a second one)

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Re: Amplification advice for live environment

If you live in the USA, please consider contacting Sweetwater with your specific question of how to amplify Pianoteq in a live playing environment.  I am not affiliated with Sweetwater in any way, but their experts helped my church's music department in a very professional manner.

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Re: Amplification advice for live environment

Getting a better laptop doesn't have any influence on sound if you're using an external audio interface, which I'd suggest. For a "live" situation, reliability is an absolute must, so be careful choosing this one. Focusrite is OK for the sound, but honestly, from my experience,  their drivers are not always the most reliable ones on earth.
This being said, if the sound is OK for you at home, it should be OK on stage, as they say: if it ain't broken, don't fix it!
And the RCF' 310A is a very capable unit. Use a pair and you're done. Just care to insert a (stereo) DI box between your laptop and the speakers: using an XLR balanced line will avoid any loss or interferences between the laptop and the speakers, and a better impedance match. DON'T use a simple mini-jack to XLR cable: this is the best way to get problems.
For the presets in Pianoteq, nothing special, except maybe that you'd have to cut or attenuate the reverb if the hall you're playing in is resounding by itself. A common acoustic problem found in many halls is resounding waves around 200-250 Hz, you could attenuate those in Pianoteq too.
Good luck!


Re: Amplification advice for live environment

Thank you for your replies. I will persevere. (btw I live in the UK).


Re: Amplification advice for live environment

I'm just a hobbyist, but I'm using an external audio interface (an old Tascam US-122 that I bought used).  My cabling is digital piano to interface (midi); interface to laptop (USB); and interface to keyboard amp.  Hope you get things sorted, if you haven't already.