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Hi all:

This composition is called American River Parkway, inspired by a stretch of the American River, that I have enjoyed for over a decade, living up here in the Sacramento basin of Central California.   The parkway is a complex ecosystem of running water, wildlife, robust flaura and fauna, living peacefully alongside urban dwellers out for a bicycle ride or simple hike along the well maintained 60 miles of trails and accessways.

I like the idea of using harmonics on the piano, to create a cascade of sounds that layer upon themselves, flowing like the river itself, with permutations and side-stories along the way. 

Pianoteq was extremely useful in that regard.  I used my Yamaha P200 as the controller, and MIDI'd into my DAW, Studio One Professional, and within the DAW, I have Pianoteq.  I tried tons of different settings, but landed on the D4 3 mic setup, which seemed to work best for this project.

Soundcloud and youtube below.  Thanks for listening!  Sincerely, t

https://soundcloud.com/tom-levine-65905 … er-parkway



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Nice composition, and Beautiful images that make you want to go see this river...