Topic: Low Budget speakers/monitor for Yamaha CLP470

I'm using Pianoteq Standard with a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 470. What could be a low budget pair of speaker/monitors that can improve the piano sound of my CLP?

I just want a good piano sound, just for home practice. I'm aware that sound equipment could be reaally expensive, but i think it could be something out there with a good quality/price ratio.
(There is no music store nearby to test any equipment, so your opinions and experience is my only advice).

I'm thinking on something like USD $100~150 of budget, i know is not so much but if there is anything that i can do in that range to improve the piano sound, i'm could give it a try.

These are some options I have: Behringer MS16, MS40, MAudio AV42, Mackie CR4; i cannot test any of these before buy :S


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Re: Low Budget speakers/monitor for Yamaha CLP470

I personally do not adhere that spending more is best for everyone. I think for 150$ you can have great equipment... check if you can have something used on Kijiji...

Or else there is always the possibility of having good headphones.

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Re: Low Budget speakers/monitor for Yamaha CLP470

ref: Budget speakers & amps ... if you are in the U.S.A., you might be interested in the website:  www.Parts-Express.com   located in Ohio.  I have bought speakers and amps from them.  Great value.



Re: Low Budget speakers/monitor for Yamaha CLP470

Hi all, i'm not in USA, so i cannot check any of those stores.

I know nothing about music production, so i'm not sure if studio monitors are the right choise for a nice good quality piano sound (also don´t like headphones, so those are no option to me).
I believe i can extend my budget to something like the behringers MS40, MAudio AV40 or Mackie CR4, more than that is imposible.

Given the fact that i cannot test any of these before buy, i dont want to buy something and then discover that the sound is not what i expected. I know also that sound quality and taste is subjective, but many of pianoteq users also want the most reallistic piano sound possible.

Could be a pair of (budget) studio monitors a good improvement in sound quality for my Yamaha with Pianoteq?

Thanks to all!


Re: Low Budget speakers/monitor for Yamaha CLP470

I have the CLP 575 and use two Fostex PM0.3d digital monitor speakers with a Lexicon Alpha so I can get sound from both the monitors and the CLP speakers.
The CLP volume is set to 4/10 and the Fostex monitors to 7/40. Monitors are on top of the piano at each end pointing to the player.
I mostly use the Model B Prelude with some adjustments.