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I downloaded the U4 Giant Preview fxp earlier today and for the past hour or two has been playing continuously on it.  Loved it. 

The "Giant" name in the fxp name indicated that it is an attempt to simulate the Klavins Model 370, a two storey tall upright piano.

I obviously haven't played the real thing, but I had the Native Instrument "Giant" virtual instrument and the U4 Giant Preview fxp produces a very similar sound, with much better playability and emotional involvement. 

Thanks for creating such a wonderful fxp!


Re: U4 Giant Preview fxp

Thanks for this precious clue !
I also have the NI Giant and it's great to find it under Pianoteq's banner !
so, this morning I bought the U4, downloaded Giant preview, and here is my first try :
https://soundcloud.com/g-rard-delassus/ … ianissimus


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Where is the 'Giant Preview"?  I have had the U4 for months and have not seen such a preset there nor in the FXP corner.


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You're not searching properly then. Filter by model and select U4 smile

Hard work and guts!


Re: U4 Giant Preview fxp


A)  I thought that it was new and I had missed it

B) I had not used or even noticed the FXP Search function previously - Thanks!